The St Andrews Physiotherapy Practice
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Recognised by BUPA and
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Recognised by BUPA

St. Andrews Physiotherapy - Cost of Treatment

There is a fixed cost for treatment.  The total cost of treatment will depend on the number of appointments needed.

After your initial examination, the physiotherapist will be able to give you a good idea of what this might be.

When further treatment is not necessary, patients are discharged with appropriate advice.

Insurance Policies

Medical and insurance companies are billed directly by us.  Some policies require the patient to initially pay and get reimbursed by the medical/insurance companies.

Most insurance companies recognise our practice and our credentials.

Policy holders are reimbursed as set out in the terms and conditions of their individual policy.

Your physiotherapist or GP may need to fill in the relevant section of the claim form.


Payment by cash/cheque only on each visit is preferred.

Itemised invoices are provided on request.


Practice Hours

8.50am - 4.10pm Mon/Fri

Out of hours appointments can be requested

An emergency service is available

Home visits can be arranged