St. Andrews Physiotherapy

Making Appointments

To make an appointment, please phone the practice. Our number is: 01334 477398

  • Patients attend the practice on their GP’s recommendation or independently.
  • After the initial appointment a brief note is sent to the GP informing them or your attendance
  • On discharge, a summary is sent to your GP for your medical records.

The Initial Appointment

At your first appointment you will be asked detailed questions about your problem. The physiotherapist will need information about the type, severity and location of the symptoms. Movements that increase or decrease the symptoms are of particular relevance.

They will also ask about the history of the complaint as well as your past medical history and any tests you may have had.

Following this, the relevant parts of the body are examined. The physiotherapist will explain the findings to you.

At this point a course of action is decided upon, which always requires the patient to work on their own exercises at home.

The best results are achieved when the physiotherapist and patient work as a team.

St Andrews Physiotherapy Location

We are based in Market Street, St Andrews in Fife, just across from Tesco’s Store. See the map below for details.

Practice Hours

  • 8.50am – 4.10pm Mon/Fri
  • Out of hours appointments can be requested
  • An emergency service is available
  • Home visits can be arranged
St Andrews Physio Map
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Health Professional Council
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Contact Options

If you would like an appointment, please phone us on  01334 477398.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss appointment times and dates, please feel free to email us on: