About Us

The St Andrews Physiotherapy Practice was established in 1992 and we have been providing physiotherapy care to the St Andrews area and beyond for over a quarter of a century.

Our goal is to help you to return to normal activities and maintain independence. Both physiotherapists have in excess of 30 years of hands-on experience and all treatments are tailored to the individual.

The Physiotherapists at the practice are Chartered (for more information see below). They are former Clinical Specialists in the NHS and have extensive post-graduate training. They specialise in treating musculoskeletal problems and have also had experience working overseas and in professional sport.

Chartered Physiotherapists…

… train full time for four years and obtain a degree in physiotherapy. Among the many areas that undergraduates study are anatomy, physiology, rheumatology, orthopaedics, neurology, paediatrics, psychiatry, care of the elderly, sports medicine, general medical and surgical conditions. Physiotherapy has an important role to play in these and many other clinical areas. Undergraduates work with patients under supervision as so many other student medical professionals.

Having qualified, most enter the NHS where they work in many areas gaining experience and expertise. Some go on to further exams and develop very high levels of skill in specific areas. Clinicians passing the final level of exams are known as Clinical Specialists. In order to maintain their professional status, physiotherapists are required to continue to develop their skills with continuing study.

From here a growing number of Chartered Physiotherapists go into private practice.

All physiotherapists in this practice are Clinical Specialists.

If in doubt, ask your GP to recommend a Chartered Physiotherapist in private practice.

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